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Thursday, June 12, 2014

HUM TUM cartoon

Collection of HUM TUM cartoon strip

About the HUM TUM cartoon strip


~ The HUM TUM cartoon was basically created for the promotion of a Hindi film HUM TUM. The animated HUM TUM cartoons appeared in the title, song and in some scenes in the film. The HUM TUM cartoon strip depicts the battle between boy Vs girl in a funny way.

~ The Cartoon appeared only in the city supplements of “The Times of India”. The Cartoon Strips appeared every Monday to Friday for 9 weeks as part of the films campaign from 19 April 2004 (Monday) to June 2004 (Friday).

~ The HUM TUM Cartoon is a limited edition cartoon as it was only for the promotion of that film.

Here'z a bit bout HUMTUM,
hope u juz don't like it, but u love it.
Coz' it's alwayz HUMTUM.

A Mistake

Meeting In The Park

Heaven Or Hell

The Flirt

Tears Of Joy

Election Overdose

Telephone Directory

Watering The Plants

The Rough Draft

Man's Best Friend

Identity Crisis

Hum Does Yoga

Reading Between The Lines

With Friend Like You, Who Needs Enemies?


The Aspiring Singer

Hum's Shaayari

Traveling Through The Pyramids In Egypt

The Disco Dilemma

Tum's Shaayari

Horoscope Horror

Traveling Etiquette

Baby Boom

The Cost Of Friendship

The Real Fake

Getting Emotional Over A TV Show

The Birthday Trip

A Positive Discovery

Lending A Ear

At Least They Agree On Something!

Shopping On The Moon

Gale Main Khich Khich

Lady Luck

A Rainy Day

Translating Woman's English - By Professor Hum

Change Of Mind

If Wishes Come True...

Pray Before You Eat


Candle Light Dinner

Hell Boy

Figure This One Out!

Effective Communication

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