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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watch Online Full Hindi Movies

Full Hindi Movies

  1. 1

    Cycle Kick

    by Venus Movies  423,931 views
    Cycle kick is the story of how small things; no matter how modest to us, can be the most sought after treasure for another. It's the story of two brothers, Ramu and his younger brother Deva. They live in a small …
  2. 3

    Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam

    by Venus Movies  172,144 views
    Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam is a mad contemporary comedy about how a small town drama company gets involved in a deadly mission to save the country. Set up in the same town, is Kalakar Theatre Company, a t…
  3. 4


    by Venus Movies  163,524 views
    A story of justice, honour, faith and above all believing in yourself....
    A story of finding courage within.....where friendships are tested in the battle that matters the most....the ba…
  4. 5

    Sankat City

    by Venus Movies  57,488 views
    A wild roller coaster romp through the underbelly of a teeming metropolis, featuring an assortment of zany characters - a car thief Guru (Kay Kay Menon), a con woman Mona/ Riya (Rimi Sen), gangster Fauzdaar (…
  5. 6

    Just Married

    by Venus Movies  394,178 views
    Marriage is often the culmination of a perfect romance. Abhay (Fardeen Khan) and Ritika (Esha Deol) begin their journey as husband and wife on their 5 day honeymoon. Along the way they chance upon several pe…
  6. 7

    Krishna Cottage

    by Venus Movies  155,055 views
    Krishna cottage is a film about the unexplored and unlimited limits of love. Manav and Shanu are studying in the same college. On their engagement day, they happen to meet Disha, a new entrant in their class. Both…
  7. 8


    by Venus Movies  264,206 views
    Jeeva is a small-time criminsal leading the life of a nonentity. His perchant for solitude is an outcome of his troubled past. The fresh breath of life is the bubbly girl next door, Kiran. While Kiran overtly tries to befriend…
  8. 9

    Love Express

    by Venus Movies  488,413 views
    London-based Kanav Chhadha is pressured by his parents to marry Amritsar-based Ashmeet Kaur, the non-graduate daughter of Sujan Singh, a childhood friend of Kanav's dad. The engagement takes place in the S…
  9. 10


    by Venus Movies  109,650 views
    Kishan Kumar Khanna is a film actor who comes from a poor and honest background. He lives with his widowed mother, Durga. However, he meets and falls in love with wealthy Anuradha Saxena and both get m…
  10. 12

    Kyaa Kool Hai Hum

    by Venus Movies  701,830 views
    Rahul (Tusshar Kapoor) is sincere and hardworking and Karan (Ritesh Deshmukh) is just the opposite. Both are best friends & Kool wannabes.…
  11. 13

    Calcutta Mail

    by Venus Movies  172,038 views
    Avinash (Anil Kapoor) arrives at the Howrah station in Calcutta and sets out in desperate search for his kidnapped son. Avinash finds a place to stay in an old Calcutta chawl where he meets Bulbul (Rani Mukher…
  12. 14


    by Venus Movies  801,299 views
    Vicky (Salman Khan) lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widower dad, J.B., in India. Since he has matured, his dad would like him to get married to Sonia (Sheeba), who is the daughter of his friend, D.D., who is an Arch…
  13. 15

    Hum Ho Gaye Aapke

    by Venus Movies  651,424 views
    Rishi Oberoi (Fardeen Khan) is the only son in the Oberoi family, who is wealthy and owns a palatial home. Rishi is a womanizer, and often drinks. One day he comes across an attractive young lady, who he later co…
  14. 16


    by Venus Movies  1,138,157 views
    Hathyar is a narrative which probes into the household of Raghunath (Sanjay Dutt), a dreaded gangster. His bereaved son Rohit (Sanjay Dutt) has to face a lot of flak from the outside world, repeatedly reminsding hi…
  15. 17

    Appu Raja

    by Venus Movies  75,798 views
    Sethupathy (Raghupathy in hindi version) (Kamal Hassan) is an honest and upright police officer. When he arrests four bigwigs Dharmaraj (Nagesh), Francis Anbarasu ('Delhi' Ganesh), Nallasivam (Nasser) and Saty…
  16. 18

    Ramaa - The Saviour

    by Venus Movies  83,548 views
    Ramaa - the Saviour is a fast-paced, edge of your seat jungle adventure film of 6 Kids. As a winning prize of a dance competition, these 6 kids become first to play a newly launched video game - The Last Battle. Whil…
  17. 19

    Paying Guest

    by Venus Movies  125,453 views
    What happens when four young fun loving boys [SHREYAS TALPADE, JAAVED JAFFREY, AASHISH CHOWDHARY and VATSAL SHETH] begin a crazy house hunt which takes them through a series of ultra …
  18. 20

    Tu Chor Main Sipahi

    by Venus Movies  399,734 views
    Thakur Gajendra Singh runs a criminal empire from a small town. The Thakur rules this town, including the police, who only cater to his interests. His town has been known to be the grave-yard of police officers who …

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