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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Most Bizarre Flowers

The Most Bizarre Flowers That Looks Like Anything else But a Flower

There are numerous types and species of flowers on earth, such a wide diversity amazes you and makes you wonder about how many other things in nature that you doesn't know about, so far, there are about 235.000 species that were discovered of flowers, but there are yet more which gets discovered every year, flowers mostly grow in a warm and wet environment such as tropical rainforests.
A famous example for such wonderful diversity is a type of flowers called "The Orchids", this Orchid family which is also called as "Orchidacaea", is considered as the biggest family of flowers ever, as it has about 300.000 cultivars and about 28.000 species which forms a wonderful diversity in many shapes, colors, scents and sizes.
In this article we are viewing some of the most bizarre flowers that doesn't look like flowers, but it takes more of shapes like human or animals looks, check out the upcoming photos in order to realize the exceptional looks we mean to share with you.