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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Android smartphone that can be strapped to your arm

Android smartphone that can be strapped to your arm

arubixs portal smartphone

Washington: A new wearable smartphone that features a flexible 6-inch display and can be wrapped around the lower arm has been invented.

The Android based smartphone, called the Portal, is a phone, smartwatch and fitness tracker in one. The water resistant and shatterproof device features 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space.

"The Portal is a smartphone designed for tech enthusiasts, active individuals and on-the-go professionals who are frustrated with bulky, cluttered, non-durable phones that constantly get in the way of their dynamic lifestyles," according to the product description on Indiegogo.

The smartphone developers are currently looking for $300,000 in funding on the website, 'Digital Trends' reported. If the project attracts enough funding, the plan is to start mass production next July.

The prototype hardware is button-free, water-resistant and comes with four cameras and a proprietary flexible 3200mAh battery. Wireless charging is another specification mentioned in the product listing.

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