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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Now, park you car using your smartphone!

All drivers agree that parking the car is no cake walk. Now guess what, parking is going to be as easy as using your phone. French auto parts manufacturer Valeo is making waves at the Frankfurt Motor Show with an iPhone app that allows drivers to control their cars. "Just run the application, connect your smartphone to the vehicle, and from there you start the maneuver," Patrick Reilhac, director of marketing and product at Valeo, said before making a Volkswagen Sharan pull out of a spot with a mere touch of a button. To show the app’s full capabilities, Reilhac then programmed the car to park perfectly in reverse between two vehicles. However, the application is available only in select models from Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and Lincoln, although the current system only parks automatically with the driver in the vehicle. There is no projected release date for version that integrates the iPhone app and remote parking capability.