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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Which DSLR camera to buy?

Question: I'm planning to buy a DSLR camera. This will be my first DSLR (if that makes any difference). Please recommend the best DSLR under 30000.

-- by Aayushman Prasad

Answer: We are indeed thrilled as you are ready to take the plunge in to the DSLR seas. Within the budget, we recommend the superb Nikon D3100 (with AF-S 18-55 mm VR Kit Lens) which sells for 29, 950 officially. But we are sure you should be able to close in on a better deal with your bargaining skills.

Question: I would like to know what's the best option between iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SII and the HTC Sensation. Please advise.

---- by Trilok Mohta

Answer: We could ask you to pick up the SII for its brilliant display or the iPhone 4 for the fact that it is the best touchscreen phone out there. But we will ask you to wait. Come October, Apple should please us all by unveiling the iPhone 5. Wait for it.

Question: I wish to purchase a camera which has all the best features of a SLR with the compactness of a digital camera. Budget is around/upto 40,000. Please recommend the best camera available in the market today that meets my needs. In case you recommend a SLR, then please inform me of the best option for this price.

----by Suleman Merchant

Answer: Some of the current compacts offer features that can easy make the entry level DSLRs shiver in fear. Take the Sony NEX -5 with the SEL1855 lens as an example. It offers 14.2MP of MP power and sports a super compact body which is extremely stylish. The price too completely fits in to your budget, as it sells for 29,990.

We will also recommend you the brilliant TZ20 from Panasonic which at 17,990 is an absolute steal. These are our top picks if you are planning to skip DSLRs But there are a couple of DSLRs we have for you if you happen to change your mind - the Nikon D5100 with AF-S 18-55 mm VR Kit Lens and the Canon EOS 550D Kit with the (EF S18-55 IS) lens kit make a great buy. Take your pick.

Question: I'm planning to buy a good smartphone and my budget is between 10,000 to 15,000. I want a touchscreen phone(3G) which has Android, good sound and video quality along with a long and promising battery life. It should also have at least a 2GB memory card slot (expandable upto 32GB). I've shortlisted three phones: Sony W8, HTC Wildfire S and Samsung Ace. Which would be the best one? Are there any better phones in this budget?

--by Avinash Gupta

Answer: The Samsung Ace is a good phone within the budget you have mentioned. But you if could wait a bit more and if you like using BlackBerry phones, you could go in for the new range of Curve phones from BlackBerry. They are offered on the newer OS 7 and are feature packed.

Question: Hi, I'm planning to buy a entry level DSLR with live view and video features within a budget of $500-650 . Can you please suggest some cameras by Canon which would serve the purpose.

--by Varsha Mansinghka
Answer: If you plan to purchase your camera from US, the EOS Rebel T3 18-55 mm IS II Kit is what we would recommend. It offers 12.2MP sensor and supports Live View and can record movies in HD.

Question: I accidentally added an 'Active Desktop' item on my desktop on Windows XP. The problem is now that all the desktop icons are highlighted in blue. How do I disable this? Here's what I've tried already: in the 'Properties' tab, I clicked on 'Desktop' and then 'Customize desktop' . From the 'web' tab, I unchecked the item but the problem is not solved. Also, 'System Restore' does not solve the problem. Please help me out with a solution.

--by Priya Sarkar

Answer: The solution to your problem hides in the Control Panel. To access it head to Control Panel - Appearance and Themes - Display. Then click on the Desktop tab and click on the Customize Desktop button. Finally click on the Web tab in the Desktop Items window and uncheck anything thats ticked in the main window and click 'ok' . That's it. Your good old desktop is back.