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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quiz yourself, are you really fit?

Is your stamina up to the mark or are you a puffer? Test your fitness levels with this easy quiz

A Score 2
B Score 5
C Score 10

1 Can you climb up six flights of stairs in a building?
a Without breaking a sweat
b Yes, but I'll be puffing and panting
c Eventually, with a few rest stops. Slow and steady...

2 Any outdoor exercise like trekking or heavy lifting leaves your muscles sore
a For a day or two at the most
b I can feel aches and pains for a few days afterwards
c Any outwardly activity has my muscles out of commission for at least a week

3 Can you jog for two or more kilometers without stopping?
a Without difficulty
b I can try, but not promise
c No way in hell

4 Can you touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees?
a Easily
b I can try
c I could earlier, not any more

5 How often do you visit a doctor?
a Once a year for a regular check-up
b Only when I'm sick
c Almost every few weeks with something or the other

6 Can you run about 100mts under 15 seconds?
a Yes
b Maybe but I might overshoot it a little
c Are you nuts?

7 How many pushups can you do in one go?
a Over 30 (men)/ 25 (women)
b Over 25 (men) / 30 (women)
c Under 20 (men) / 15 (women)

8 How ready are you to participate in a city marathon?
a With a few more training exercises I'm ready to go
b Give me a few weeks to tone up and I'm up to speed
c Cheering squads are underrated

9 What's your level of cardio endurance?
a More than 20 minutes
b Between five and 20 minutes
c Less than five minutes

10 How often do you currently exercise?
a More than three times a week
b Once or twice a week
c Where's the time?

Your score:
Based on your current lifestyle your fitness quotient is...

Not only are you extremely fit, you also pass with an excellent bill of health. Now whether you are a fitness freak or just some who keeps a tab on their calorie count, your fitness program is on the right track. Keep up the dedication to a fitter lifestyle.

Getting heavy
So you aren't a treadmill Nazi. Working out is as important to you as shaving once in three days; required but not a necessity. While this is a good way to keep things balanced, you'll need to make sure you don't get carried away and ignore your weight or you'll pack in the pounds in no time.

Over the bulge
Clearly, obesity ads and gyms springing up in every corner mean nothing to you. You are careless about your health and your body reflects it. Even if you don't look it, it's only a matter of time before fat wins the war and takes you down. Control it while you still can and chalk out an exercise regimen.